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At we hope we can give you some extra help with our travel tips.

Who doesn’t love traveling? We’re quite sure everyone does! But before going abroad, it’s always important to bear in mind some very useful travel tips.


So without wasting anymore time, let’s begin!

  • Don’t pack clothes that require ironing, because then you’ll have to wear it all wrinkled and that doesn’t look good at all!

  • Pack a set of clothes on your handbag. This way, in case your luggage doesn’t arrive on time, you’ll have something to wear for the next day.

  • Don’t forget to bring a first aid kit with simple but important elements like pain killers, bandages, decongestant, acetaminophen, alcohol, among others. This will be very useful in case you get a sudden cold or a headache.  

  • Before traveling, make photocopies of your passport. Leave one with a friend, save another in your bag. And, if possible, scan it and mail to yourself.

  • If you’re going to a place where you don’t speak the language, try to learn some basic words like “hello”, “goodbye”, “thank you” and “please”. As well as phrases that can be useful like “where are the restroom?” and “where can I find a good place to eat?”  

  • Try not to take with you more than two bags. Otherwise, we assure you it will be difficult to keep track of.

  • Wherever you’re traveling to, always take with you a travel insurance policy, it will be your savior in case something bad gets to happen, like suffering an accident, suddenly getting sick, losing your passport or luggage and so on.

  • If you’ll stay at a friend’s house, take them a present, like that the person will know you appreciate what he/she is doing for you.

  • Never exchange money in the hotel or airport. The conversion rate will always be cheaper at the bank or, if you prefer, directly withdraw money from the ATM.

At we hope this travel tips can be very useful for you.

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