Taking precautions to travel


Follow some of our simple pieces of advice and you'll have a trip free of inconvenient.

Many things can happen to travelers when they’re abroad, that’s why it’s always recommended to take precautions when traveling to foreign lands. And the main and most important one is the purchase of a travel insurance policy.


So if you’re seeking for a protection plan, we invite you to quote it, compare and buy it -at the best price on the market- only at TheTravelInsurers.com!

What are the benefits of acquiring travel insurance?

If you buy any of our insurance plans; you’ll be protected from the beginning till the end of your trip, with all the coverages that will keep you safe if an unforeseen event occurs during your time abroad.

Among the services you’ll count with we can name:

  • Medical assistance in case of sickness or accident.

  • Emergency dental service.

  • Return travel arrangements.

  • Repatriation of mortal remains.

  • Flight and hotel rebooking.

  • 24 hours travel assistance line.

  • Lost baggage search.

  • Stolen luggage replacement assistance.

  • Legal assistance.

  • Liability.

  • Urgent message relay to family, friends or business associates.

  • Among many more benefits!

What other precautions should I take when traveling?

Besides the purchase of a travel insurance policy, taking theses next precautions to travel can be very useful:

  • Wear simple clothes and accessories. Avoid using garments that look too expensive, so you don't become a burglar’s objective.

  • Don’t pack too many things. To travel light will always be the best option as it gives more freedom of movements.

  • Leave your valuable items at home. There’s no need of taking them with you at all.

  • Don’t bring all your money in cash. Nowadays our credit cards work in nearly every ATM in the world and you can use them as well to buy in almost any store.

  • Don’t have your passport with you at all times. Make a photocopy and take it with you. Your passport will be a lot safer stored in your hotel room.

Remember, taking precautions to travel will allow you to have a trip without any inconvenience and having travel insurance will keep you safe anywhere and anytime! So trust in TheTravelInsurers.com and let us take care of you!