Adventure & sports travel insurance

adventure & sports travel insurance

There are as many travel insurance plans as travel types, so if in your next trip you're planning to shake out your routine and train your body, we advise you to acquire here the adventure and sports insurance that will keep you safe.


In the previous paragraph we talked about travelers that -for example- are going to ski during their winter holidays, but don’t necessarily do sports on a daily basis, so they' re just tourist that are going to practice a sport during their vacations.

And that right there is one specific adventure and sports travel insurance. But don’t get disappointed if you’re a professional athlete who is going to participate in a major competition abroad, because we also got the right insurance for you!

How can I choose the policy that fits my needs?

At you can find three different and completely useful tools that will help you choose the perfect travel insurance

The first one is the quotation form you’ll find at the top of this webpage. Fill it with all the important information about your trip, like places of origin and destination, departure and return dates, your age and -most importantly in this case- your trip type. 

After you’ve filled all these boxes, click on the “Quote Now” button. Immediately, a list with all the adventure and sport insurance plans that fits your search criteria will appear right in from of you.

Choose the ones you like and analyze them using our online comparison tool. This will allow you to see in columns all the coverages and scopes of the plans you selected. Like this it will be a lot easier to choose your travel insurance! By last, purchase it online through our secure buying system

Remember, it doesn’t matter if you’re going to ski, swim, climb, play baseball, basketball or any other sport, we guarantee you’ll find with us the policy you need.

So trust in and let us protect you with our adventure and sports travel insurance! You simply won’t regret!


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